IB Loyalty Rewards

Earn amazing cash rewards by partnering with Uniglobe Markets and introducing new clients today.

Our Introducing Broker loyalty rewards promotion is an amazing opportunity for both new and existing partner to Grow your business, generate extra income and, earn amazing rewards.

This promotion is an ongoing promotion in three reward categories (Reward 1, Reward 2, and Reward 3). A partner can claim upto 2000USD cash rewards.

How it works

Reward 1 Target Reward 2 Target Reward 3 Target
Month 1 5K Deposit and 3 Active
Clients +10Lots/client
10K Deposit and 4 Active
Clients +15Lots/client
20K Deposit and 5 Active
Clients +20 Lots/client
Month 2 5K Deposit and 20 Lots 10K Deposit and 40 Lots 20K Deposit and 75 Lots
Month 3 5K Deposit and 20 Lots 10K Deposit and 40 Lots 20K Deposit and 75 Lots
Reward:- $500 Cash Coupon Reward:- Dubai trip Reward:- Europe trip


  • This offer is applicable for three continued months, every Ib will be eligible who meet the terms for three month.
  • Business committed will be calculated monthly. For example, one IB meets the reward 1 first month and his clients deposited 9K funds, next month he need to touch the 5K deposit limit to avail the benefits. He will not be eligible if he does 1K deposit second month only and claim total deposit 10K.
  • The reward 2 and 3 will be organised from company end only and client should have valid passport and visa.
  • Business we will calculate for referrals from partner referred clients only, for Sub partners referred clients the reward will be offered to the sub partners only.

Anyone Can Join

The contest is open to any IB, new or old. The partner just needs to send a request email to [email protected] from the registered email address. It's a winning cycle. In case any partner fails to achieve the required Lots and funded clients, the cycle will be broken, and then the partner again needs to send a fresh email to get the rewards from Month 1.