IB Contest

This contest is available on real accounts for both new and experienced IB partners. In this contest, you can win exciting rewards like Smartphones, bikes, luxury cars and many more at the end of this year.

Tie Period 01 Aug 2023 to 31st of Dec. 2023

Champion drives home with a brand new car

The more active your clients are, the better chance you have of winning the car and cash prize.


1st Prize

25K USD or Car


2nd Prize

10K USD or Bike


3rd Prize

5K USD Cash

How to Participate?

Register and Refer

Register yourself as an IB partner with us and start referring your clients for Live Trading accounts.

Deposit & Trade

IB's client will deposit into their live account and start trading right away to earn more prize coins.

Earn Prize coins.

The more prize coins IB earns, the better position she or he will be in to win the biggest prize.

Anyone Can Join

The contest is open to any IB, new and old, and only the clients introduced within the mentioned period will be included for the prize coins. Therefore, this is a good chance for new IBs to try and get a successful start to their IB career.